Interchill in 2021

Interchill in 2021 Interchill in 2021 Interchill in 2021 Interchill in 2021

As many of us emerge from the 2020/21 isolation it is great to see gatherings happening, shows being played, and re-connections happening.  Interchill has a busy release schedule for the second half of 2021 and this coincides with our move to becoming a Six Degrees distributed label. 

We released Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy's album Guardians in November 2020 and are happy to follow it up with two ep's of remixes from Kaya Project, Castanea, Adham Shaikh, Heather Christie, Grant Chambers and Liquid Bloom.  This time thankfully without the backdrop of Donald Trump's electoral death throes.  The original album is beautifully made and Evan & Vir are both huge talents.  As always it is a treat to hear the different perspectives other artists bring and we're thankful for everyone's work.  Artwork courtesy of Simon Haiduk and mastering by Gregg Janman for Hermetech Mastering.

As some may recall, things slowed right down in 2020, and at Interchill HQ in Salt Spring Island in BC we were fortunate to be able to embrace the isolation.  The AUX25 project started and the first ep is due for release in July, with a remix from Adham Shaikh.  A second ep is due out in September with a remix from Eat Static.  Artwork on both ep's courtesy of Anthony Presley. 

A few years back at the excellent Harvest Festival we connected with the Icelandic band Stereo Hypnosis. This adventure involved long airport waits, Gaudi's lost luggage, the opening of a bottle of Brennivin on the highway journey north out of the Toronto sprawl and into moose country and the inevitable OPP roadblock outside the festival. Nothing to see here sir...   In rock star style they capped off a huge day with a 2am set, playing live under the stars at the impressive Heads Stage, surrounded by speaker stacks, monumental sculptures and raging fires... 

As things do, this has lead to an album release, Hvolf, due out in October.   Great music and very well put together arrangements and mix.  The trio play very well live and people can look forward to hearing the material in sets at the Extreme Chill Festival in Reykjavik (which they run) and also at the Space Mountain Festival in Andalusia. Seb Taylor's Hibernation and Greg Hunter have also stepped up with some remixes that will come out a few weeks before the album.  Stay tuned. 

June 25 - Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy with Rising Appalachia - Yes It's You feat. Leah Song (Kaya Project Remix)

July 16 - Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy with Rising Appalachia - Water She Dances (Castanea Remix)

July 23 - Aux25 - No Turning Back ep (4 tracks inc remix from Adham Shaikh)

August 6 - Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy with Rising Appalachia - Fertile Ground feat Chloe Smith (Adham Shaikh Remix) [the full ep releases now too]

August 27 - Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy - Walk Into the Forest (Heather Christie Remix)

September 10 - Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy - The Condor feat Olox (Grant Chambers Remix)

September 17 - Aux25 - Passing Through ep (4 tracks inc remix from Eat Static)

September 24th - Stereo Hypnosis ep with remixes by Hibernation and Greg Hunter

October 1 - Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy - Rare Earth feat. Soriah (Liquid Bloom Remix) [the full ep releases now too]

October 8 - Stereo Hypnosis - Hvolf album