Suns of Arqa - Heart of the Suns

Suns of Arqa - Heart of the Suns

Great feedback on the album so far...

Bob Duskis- Co-Founder Six Degrees Records.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A lovely sonic reminder that not only were Suns of Arqa one of the earliest ensembles to fuse the sounds of India with Ambient, Psychedelic Dub music, they remain one of the most interesting practitioners of Ambient Global Fusion to this day. A feast for both fans and newbies who are looking to dive into this group’s diverse and legendary catalog.

Suns of Arqa...Wow, you need this in your collection. Incredible compilation drawn from a vast catalog of rare and beautiful artistry . Lovingly curated by interchill ... world wide recognition and success awaits the mighty Wadada and SunsOf Arqa deserve every drop....pioneers and innovators, they have been pushing the threshold for decades. Essentially classical Indian ragas.... in Dub. Extasy for the soul and the dancing feet ...Some of the best remixes I’ve ever heard and been involved with.

Rachel Sacks - Metaforce
What a pleasure to re-encounter these magical compositions, refreshed and remastered! Way back when I started bringing instrumentation into my DJ sets in the mid-90s, Suns of Arqa showed me the way, and these tracks still resonate deeply. Michael Wadada is a one-of-a-kind maestro, bringing together diverse musicians and producers to integrate pure organic sound and Eastern musical traditions with technology and hypnotic beats. This is such a timely release to inspire a new generation of musicians and producers to keep pushing forward. Thank you Interchill!

Liquid Lounge
This compilation, compiled by Andrew Interchill, cherry picks some of the less obvious, but equally important tracks from their back catalogue, to be given a remastering and a new audience...
Suns of Arqa are recognized for being the first band to blend Indian classical music with dub and dance infused beats. They are one of the true originators of the whole global music scene and influencing many musicians, dj's and music lovers all over the world, playing everywhere from Womad to Ozora. They are as as valid today, especially in the 'ecstatic dance movement' that has evolved...