The Interchill guide to good streaming

The Interchill guide to good streaming

There's a lot of choice for playlists and mixes these days and here are some of our favorites.

*   Interchill Sounds on Spotify is a regularly updated playlist of tracks we like.

Spotify gets a lot of criticism for low royalties, and while there's something to that, it is the most widely used and great to use.  Much of what you'll hear on Spotify will be available on Bandcamp in high quality audio to stream and download, or in physical formats. Doing this guide is a nod to how maybe the majority of people consume music nowadays, even though as a label we're more into the album format as a listening experience, complete with art and liner notes. Fitting music into playlist moods and activities is just what people do more of these days and there's no question that music on tap follows the law of supply and demand, where over supply lowers value and signal is harder to pick out of the noise. However, selectors and mixers have been performing a valuable service to us for years, driven by a passion to share musical discoveries and take us on a journey.

Also on Spotify we recommend these playlists:

*   Guardians Global Roots and Earthtronica

This is selected by Vir McCoy and Evan Fraser and is a great jumping off point into world, electronica and traditional roots.

*   Ambient Travels

Selected by Six Degrees label head Bob Duskis and guests. The best in Downtempo, Ambient, Chill-out and Balaeric sounds.

*   SoundBath

Also from Six Degrees. Music for relaxation, meditation, yoga, sound healing and interior journeys


Mixcloud is another good location to check out. As usual the challenge often is too much choice, so why not start with the list below.

*   Extreme Chill Vol. 19 (VA: Compilation)

Mixed & Selected by the musicians & the co-Founders of Extreme Chill Festival: The father and son Pan Thorarensen & Óskar Thorarensen from Stereo Hypnosis. (Their whole series is amazing, try # 13 next)

*   Tropical Insanity volume 2

Mixed by DJ Supercozi. This is a beautiful listen and journey end to end

*   Electrodelic Lullabies

From Greg Hunter - travel to a beautiful space...

*   Babylon and Beyond

From the one and only Naasko - a great selection of deep dubs

*   Chrysalid at Wildthings

Great selections and mix from Nick Interchill.

*   Indigo People

North African grooves from DJ Dragonfly

*   Epic Ambient Mix V1

From Youth - heady selections well worth exploring.

* Psychedlic Future Dub 4

The most recent in Gaudi's quality dub mixes - highly recommended